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Whether one can become addicted to coffee is arguable. Addiction and the search for permanent high performance are widespread however. To overcome a slump in one's energy, drinking a cup of coffee seems an obvious choice. But as we know - a high is followed by a low and with that the craving for a second, third, fourth cup arises.  There is no scientifically proven coffee addiction , but the average consumption of coffee has alarmingly risen since the arrival of Starbucks and the like. 


Every German drinks half a litre of coffee on average every day.1) 'On average' means of course that the people who do drink coffee consume a lot more. The clients who have come to see me to interrupt their coffee habit often drink up to 1.5 liter in the course of a day.


During the consumption of coffee the adrenal gland produces its stress hormone adrenalin. It is this adrenalin push which creates the increased performance. If one cup of coffee is followed by another one and so on, the body's energy reserves become gradually depleted until one believes that without coffee none of life's tasks can be completed. Recognising one’s personal energy limits becomes difficult or impossible and the healthy balance between rest and activity gets out of synch. The symptoms of this imbalance  are sleep problems, nervousness, muscular tremors, problems of the digestive system, dizziness and headaches – to name but a few.2)


„Mir ist es immer wieder eine Freude mitzuerleben, wie meine Klienten beeindruckt sind zu sehen, dass sie ohne Kaffee wieder leistungsfähiger werden!„



1) Kaffeeverband

2) The Weiss Method does not replace medical or psychological treatments and it does not conflict with any treatment.



Energiegeladener als je zuvor!

„Kaffee war mein Wasser. 1 ½ Liter am Tag war nix und damit war bei mir so einiges durcheinander geraten. Ich litt sehr stark unter meinen Schlafproblemen, so dass ich natürlich verstärkt zum Kaffee griff. Der Tag, an dem sich alles änderte ist nun 1 ½ Jahre her. Von einer Sekunde zur anderen - so schien es mir – hatte ich kein Verlangen mehr nach Kaffee. Ich hielt mich an die Vorgaben des Weiss Institutes und hatte keine sonderlichen Entzugserscheinungen. Heute bin ich energiegeladener, als es mit Kaffee je möglich gewesen wäre und freue mich darüber jeden Tag! Danke!“ Heike P, Berlin