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It is well known that some people do not tolerate wheat. Gluten -free products are now readily available in every supermarket and more and increasing numbers of different grains and products made with them are on offer.


What is the truth about the belief that wheat is not good for us?


The wheat of today has nothing in common with the wheat our grand - and great -grandparents ate. Within the last 60 years wheat has been genetically engineered so that not only can it be grown in drought conditions and be  resistant to fungal infestation, but also brings a 10 -fold higher yield.


Scientists first established [deleted already] in 19791) that some polypeptides which are released during the digestion process of wheat attach themselves to cells in the human brain which are also docked on to by opiates. These chemicals induce a pleasurable body sensation which then creates the longing to keep eating more. More pasta, pizza, toast, muffins and so forth. Most of us know how hard it is to stop.


Being weaned of wheat can be a great relief, particularly for clients who find it hard to have regular breaks for proper meals or who regularly eat  more than they need. To combine giving up wheat with giving up sugar is often advisable. This way the craving to continue to eat is more likely to be stilled and interrupted.2)


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1) Dr Christine Zioudrou and colleages in Dr William Davis: Wheat Belly - why wheat makes fat and ill. ( here quoted from the German translation  'Weizenwampe', 23rd edition, Munich)

2) The Weiss Method does not replace medical or psychological treatments and it does not conflict with any treatment.





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