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In the 1960s the question of whether cigarettes are damaging people 's health made headlines in a well- known weekly magazine (Der Spiegel 4/1960). In the 1980s smoking began to lose its cool image. The smoking stars of the screen and politicians of the 60s and 70s gradually disappeared and the percentage of smoking people in the German population decreased. Higher taxes, health warnings on the cigarette packets and smoking bans in public buildings, bars and restaurants supported this trend. And yet approximately 28%1)of the German's population still smoke cigarettes.


There are many tips and tricks on the market to help with stopping smoking. And one such great way is the Weiss Method!2)


" It really excites me when clients repeatedly tell me with great joy that they

 have gained so much time! As there is no longer any need for disruptive cigarette breaks "



1) The Use of Tobacco, E-Cigarettes, and Methods to Quit Smoking in Germany. A representative study using 6 waves of data over 12 months (the DEBRA study).

2) The Weiss Method does not replace medical or psychological treatments and it does not conflict with any treatment.



Das Wünsche ich jedem Raucher!

„Mit der „Weiss-Methode“ habe ich vor 18 Jahren von heute auf morgen das (Ketten)-Rauchen aufgeben können, ohne Entzugsstress und ohne Suchtrückfall seit dem. Das wünsche ich jedem Raucher!“ Irma Daun über facebook