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The Weiss Method

The Weiss Method

For the last 30 years the Weiss Method has supported people to break free from unwanted habits. The method does not only give the client strategies of how to deal with the craving for their desired substance. It also creates the possibility for the client to be free of craving and habit patterns. 


I support  and counsel people in 2 stages:

  1. During an intensive first consultation the client gains a better understanding of their addictive behaviours. These insights  lead to ideas of how to develop healthier behaviours which can be integrated into a new addiction- free life after this first consultation. The client receives a brochure after this session which summarises the main points discussed.
  2. The initial in depth consultation is followed up by  one or two 1:1 sessions. 


In my experience one follow up 1:1 session is sufficient in most situations. For eating problems and for the prevention of alcohol addiction I tend to offer two 1:1 sessions. Depending on the specific treatment received a client may wish to return for one or two refresher sessions within the year.


With these simple steps I have been able to help many people. 


Treatments sessions  in the Weiss Method are entirely natural and highly individualised. If they are successful they are effective in the long term. They are usually painless and do not require specific medication, hypnosis or the use of needles. When a treatment had been helpful many of my clients fed back that it did not cost them any great effort to stop their unwanted habits. And furthermore that they had received a unique chance for a fundamental life change.


So this is a simple method that is highly time and cost effective and which can lead to great personal change. It seems made for the age we live in which demands more of us in ever shorter time. 


The Weiss Method does not replace medical or psychological treatments and it does not conflict with any treatment.